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During my academic and professional career, I have learned many lessons about what is possible, how things work, and how I can achieve my goals. With this accumulated knowledge, I want to activate and assist others in their journey. In my trainings and workshops, I share my knowledge about my past experiences, industry expertise, and general life philosophy. I believe that everyone can achieve their personal goals through the right tools & frameworks combined with a good mindset, motivation, and vision. Explore my website for more information about my services and discover what I can do for you or your organization.

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Audience Clapping


Manage your time more efficiently and achieve your goals more effectively.

- Powerful tools & frameworks for time management and productivity enhancement.
- Motivation and energy management
- Initiating and retaining new habits
- What time is and how time works
- Goal setting and planning
- Personal action plan
- Stress prevention
- Work-life balance
- Priority matrix


Compactly packed knowledge gained from academic and professional experiences.

- Pitching, Public Speaking & Presenting

- FMCG Industry Fundamentals

- Business & Market Analytics
- Business Development & Sales

- Teamwork & Feedback
- Creativity Management

- Consulting Principles

- From Idea to Project

- Digital Marketing
- Negotiation skills


Sharing knowledge about the job market recruitment, and the application process.

- Consultancy specific applications

- How to write a Motivation Letter

- Explaining the job market

- Explaining Recruitment
- Master your application
- How to build your CV

- Personal Branding

- Linkedin training

- Case interviews

- Elevator Pitch


In 2014, I moved to Utrecht to pursue the bachelor Economics & Business Economics. It wasn't until the end of my second year that I realised how much is possible and that the world is very competitive in its nature. Everyone wants to work for interesting companies, go on exchange to beautiful destinations, study at renowned schools, and join mesmerising organisations. You are not alone. So, if you want what others want, you have to stand out. When I realised this I set certain goals to get where I want to be. By working in a structured and hard way I have made it possible for myself to achieve my goals. This has given me the opportunity to study in America and Australia, do an internship at a Fin-tech Company in Berlin, intern at an S&P 500 company in Amsterdam, and work at a renowned international consultancy. Furthermore, this has also made it possible for me to work with many inspiring people in different organisations along my studies. For example, I worked with an international social venture incubator, organized ski trips and entrepreneurship events for students, and ran a student consultancy. I myself have always been very inspired by people like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins and David Allen. It makes me genuinely happy when I can motivate people and hope to give people the same kick that I had at certain events and breakthroughs in my life.

Audience Clapping

“The second half of a person's life is made up of nothing but the habits he/she has acquired during the first half.”

― Fyodor Dostoevsky



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